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Parent Coaching

One of the most important skills we want our children to develop is how to navigate the daily challenges and stressors of life. Often times we know what skills our children need to develop but we can feel stuck in how to help them develop these skills. Sometimes families can get off track and develop patterns of interacting that can cause a significant amount of stress, anger, and disruption in the home. Family coaching can be a resource to families to get unstuck and to “get back on track” in interacting in a healthy and positive way. Family coaching can be helpful in developing skills in knowing when to intervene and when to let your child “figure it out on her own”. Families can benefit from developing plans that shift more responsibility from the parents to the children which helps them develop life skills so they can continue to flourish and enjoy successes in their life.

Family coaching can take place in my office and also online. The initial meeting is with the parent(s) where background information is obtained about family, school, work and friends. The second meeting can involve family members where additional information is obtained from each family member. Goals are developed for each member and the family as a whole. I provide support and feedback to the family on their strengths and also where they may be getting stuck. An individualized plan is then developed and agreed-upon to help families get unstuck and continue to develop skills so they can function well and enjoy each other. The plans are skill based and very practical.

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