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Raising a Resilient Child

Online parenting course for parents with elementary-aged children

My Motto

More Joy, Less Stress

-Kevin Harrington, Ph.D.

In this Course, You’ll Learn How to:

  • Create practical plans for issues like chores, homework, sleep schedules, and screen time
  • Address school issues like homework accountability and organization.
  • Address school struggles when kids demonstrate "low performance" or low motivation.
  • Develop the skills needed to teach your child to manage their emotions.
  • Strengthen the bonds between the members of your family.
  • Work well with and “be on the same page” with your parenting partner.
  • Help your child's brain, body, and heart work together.

This course includes:

  • Six video-based modules that teach you how to raise a more resilient child.
  • Completely online so you can move through these modules at your own pace
  • Additional worksheets and resources in each module to help you create practical plans so your child can thrive at home, school, and with friends.

Cost: $149

Kevin Harrington, Ph.D.

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Integrating Mind, Body, and Heart