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About Me

I am a licensed psychologist currently working in private practice in Bloomington, Minnesota. My practice includes providing resiliency training, parenting seminars, supervision and training of healthcare providers, consultation to small businesses and agencies, and psychotherapy to adults, children, and adolescents.

I have extensive experience in mind-body medicine. My mind-body heart approach focuses on helping people identify unhealthy patterns in their physical, cognitive and emotional health. We have inner resources to develop new pathways in our brain that help our mind, body and emotions work together. Whether it is working with individuals and families, consulting to businesses, or presenting seminars, my goal is to help people utilize their resiliency skills to make changes to function better with daily challenges and experience a more joyful life. Mind-body skills training has been extremely helpful to individuals, families and businesses in developing and strengthening core skills in restoring mind, body and heart balance. I am available to provide mind-body skills training and resiliency training to individuals, families, health care professionals, educators and small businesses.

Integrating Mind, Body, and Heart