Resilience Training

Resilience Training for Professionals

I provide resilience training to healthcare professionals in both an individual and group format. The resiliency training can be very helpful for personal and professional replenishment. The goal of the training is to strengthen existing skills and to integrate resiliency skills into their professional setting. The training is an integrative skills-based model to help individuals develop self-awareness and skills to enhance social, physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being. This model is grounded in the best of brain science and integrates principles from: Integrative nutrition (food as information/balancing the body), Holistic Psychiatry (natural therapies/judicious use of medication), Yoga Based Movement (calming the body/mind and mobilizing energy) and Mindfulness Mediation (settling the mind/emotional skills training).Small group consultation groups are started several times a year. Individual consultation can be conducted in the office, by phone and with Skype.

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