Resilience Training

Resilience Training for Families

As parents we want to raise our children to be healthy, happy and competent individuals. We want to help them develop self-awareness and the skills they need to enhance their social, physical, mental and emotional well-being. We want our family to be a place where our children can feel cherished and learn life skills that will help them when they become adults. One of the most important life skills that we want our children to develop is navigating the stressors of life. Resiliency skills can be very helpful tools in helping family members navigate the challenges of life. Developing resiliency skills can help families deal skillfully with emotions, transitions and daily stressors. As families learn resiliency skills they can interact more positively and enjoy each other. Individual family members can be empowered to live a life of less stress and more joy. As the family becomes more resilient, each family member can thrive at home, in school and with others.

Core Topics:

  • How to develop healthy nutrition, exercise and sleep routines.
  • Helping your family develop mindfulness skills to manage mood, anxiety and daily stresses.
  • Strengthening family relationships by developing strategies to resolve conflicts in a healthy manner
  • Strategies to help increase each family members confidence, motivation and performance.
  • Strategies to develop skills in organization, impulse control and ability to focus.

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