Adolescents and Children

Children and teenagers can sometimes struggle with relationships, school, and home life. Frequently there is a difficulty in the child's physical, cognitive, and /or emotional health. Children also have a tremendous amount of internal healing potential. They can benefit from developing additional skills so that their body, brain and emotions can work together. Psychotherapy can be very helpful in developing skills in calming down the body, thoughts, and emotions. I collaborate with parents and the child in finding out why they may be struggling and what skills can be helpful in improving functioning in all areas of their life. Parents and the child participate in developing the goals and they are updated frequently on progress.

I collaborate with parents in advocating for their child with school staff and other healthcare providers. Parents are provided with practical strategies and plans that can be used on a daily basis that empowers them to support the growth and development of their child. These skills can help develop resiliency and improve the child's physical, cognitive, and emotional functioning. As a child develops these skills, they can continue to flourish and enjoy successes in their life.

Areas of Concern

  • Medical: sleep, pain management, chronic illness, ADHD, movement disorders, epilepsy, G.I. issues, stress-related disorders
  • Behavioral Difficulties: School, siblings, peer relationships, impulse control, high-risk behaviors
  • Social emotional: mood/anxiety self-esteem, anger, relationship problems
  • Academic Performance: grades, homework, motivation, under performance, peak performance
  • Grief and loss, adjustment to medical diagnosis, death, divorce, transitions
  • Adoption
  • Trauma

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